Frank and his website, Aerosol Planet is a great source of info

This tour is a must. You will to see all the best spots with someone who knows what they are taking about. Plenty of back stories for each of the pieces and the artists. Frank and his website, Aerosol Planet is a great source of info for street art in London and around the globe.

-Mark & Aly

We really cannot recommend these tours highly enough

I booked this tour as a birthday surprise for my husband – and I am so glad I did, we really enjoyed it.

During the booking process, Steam156 asked what we were interested in seeing so we really did get a ‘tailor-made’ tour. Having ‘bumped into’ an alternative tour on our travels, I was so glad that we chose this more intimate option, rather than standing in a big group of people and straining to hear the stories over the passing traffic.

Steam156 really knows his stuff – he’s been there and experienced the whole culture since the 80’s meaning that he can give you firsthand accounts of what the graffiti scene is all about. Due to the nature of graffiti, the locations on the tour are ever changing so it was great to see Steam156 enjoying the new pieces as much as we did. Steam156 also has photos of older pieces which may have now been removed, so he can show you the evolution of a particular painting spot – really interesting. As a personal contact of a lot of the artists, he can tell you all about their backgrounds and where they have painted. It’s good to see he also makes sure you pay attention by asking lots of questions on the way round!

One thing that we were particularly happy about was that it was a really good spread of artists and didn’t rely heavily on Banksy (like some tours do), yes he is an influential part of the street art scene but there are so many other crews and artists who deserve top billing too.

We went from Stockwell to Waterloo and then on to the Old Street and Brick Lane areas. We also dropped in to an art gallery and a graffiti store (owned by one of the artists featured in the tour) where we had the chance to buy ‘souvenirs’ (paint, books, dvd’s etc.). With the special addition of Aerosol Planet dvd’s and our own personalised outlines (done by Steam156) this really completed it for us.

As I said above, we really cannot recommend these tours highly enough – if you are remotely interested in the street art scene in London and want the personal touch – Steam 156 at Aerosol Planet is your man!

Thank you :)

Frank, our guide, is incredibly knowledgeable.

My girlfriend and her friends invited me along to a London Graffiti Tour. I know nothing about graffiti but I have lived in London for years (and East London too). We have an interest in street art and enjoy taking photos but we never seek it out. We chose this as a break from the all too familiar 'getting lashed this weekend with friends'.

Frank, our guide, is incredibly knowledgeable. He was very patient with us (half the group was 40 minutes late!), showing us around Old Street, down to Great Eastern Street and onto Brick Lane. All in all the tour was 2+ hours for £20 a head. Throughout the tour we learned about signature artists' styles and 'promotion' within the graffiti community. Frank has been doing this for years but with humility and fascinating anecdotes. We stopped into 2 separate street art galleries along the way which I endorse heartily. Graffiti art rarely lasts long so tours are likely to be different each time. This alone makes it worth doing as each experience is likely to be unique. If you are unfamiliar with East London, this is a great way of getting to know the area. The tour finishes in Brick Lane about lunch time which is very well timed. I highly recommend this tour to anyway, even if you have lived in London/East London for years.

What an amazing opportunity to see the beautiful street art east London has to offer, and learn the incredible history behind it. Frank is an outstanding tour guide, and he really knows his stuff! On our tour he had a competition (which I won - thanks to Frank's help), which kept it even more interesting. I'd recommend this to anyone who loves street art, and since the walls are constantly changing I can guarantee we will be back on Frank's tour again!

-Visited April 2013

£10 DVD when you book a tour

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