Frequently asked questions.

What is a Street art / Graffiti walking tour

Our guide and ex-graffiti artist Steam156 will take you to certain areas in and around London. Telling you about the history, artistic value, and story behind the different places and pieces of art that you will see. Each tour is talior made to show you around thirty pieces of art in an organized fashion. That's much more than you would see by chance by walking the streets in hope of finding it!

Do we provide lunch on the tour?

Unfortunately, no we don't. We stop for a lunch break normally where eating amenities are avaliable (depending what tour your on) and you can grab a bite to eat, or you can bring a pack lunch if you prefer.

What if its raining do we get refund?

If it's raining on the day of the tour we do not stop. The tour takes place come rain or snow, you are advised to bring a waterproof or an umberella.

Can we book a private or weekday tour?

Yes, you will just need to contact us via the contact page and we will send you info and prices for your required tour.

Can we take photos of people painting if we see them?

Yes, most of the time this is OK but please ask them for permission first. Some people do not like there pictures being taken or shown in photos for various reasons.

Why should I take a graffiti tour in london?

Only by taking one of our tours, will you be able to know the history and story behind the spots, writers and artform. Almost half of these places most people would never find without our knowledgeable guide.

Cancellation Policy

Please remember to turn up for your tour at least 10 minutes early so you are ready to go when the tour starts. Please check your travel route to see if you have any delays that may hold you up.

2. If you are running late and are not going to make it on time please ring me before the tour starts. It is unfair on other guests that people have to wait around for others to turn up because they are running late. Some guests on the tour make plans straight after the tour so they need for the tour to finish on time.

3. If you do not ring to let me know you are running late then the tour will start with out you we can only wait a few minutes maximum as mentioned it is unfair on other guests to wait around.

4. We mainly take small groups and spaces are limited so your space is reserved for you so if you are unable to make the tour we need at least 72hours notice so we can try and offer your places to someone else. Any shorter than 72hrs it is to short notice to fill your spaces and we can not offer you another tour date.

5. We do not issue refunds if you cancel your tour less than 72hrs notice then we can not issue you with a refund or another tour date. As mentioned less than 72hrs notice we can not find anyone to fill your places it is to short notice.

6. If you want to change your tour date you must give 72 hours notice minimum and we will offer you another date to take a tour when available.

7. If you book a tour less than 72hours in advance of the tour and cancel for any reason we can not issue you a refund or another date. So please make sure if you are booking less than 72hours that you can make it with out fail.

8. Remember if you cancel less than 72hours we do not issue refunds or another tour date sorry.

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