Aerosol planet DVD collection.

Dvd vol 1

Volume One

Description: Featuring raw footage from many of London's most famous halls of fame and writers. There's a mass of great work all shot cleanly with a soundtrack mixed by DJ Junk. Inside there's rare footage from shows such as the Zedz and Seen shows in Paddington's short lived Outside Institute along with footage of Seen working outside.

Price: GBP £9.00

NOTE: Vol 1- Works best on PC. Does not work on all DVD players

Dvd vol 2

Volume Two- New york special

Description: Awesome video of entirely original footage which captures up with some of New York's legends talking about their lives back in the day. Who held down which lines and how no real writer ever bought paint delivered in a typical New York style. The interviews are nicely done with the artists left to talk on at length about their lives and their beefs in a candid and honest way.

Price: GBP £12.00

NOTE: Running time- 2 hours

Dvd vol 3

Volume Three - Sleeping giants jam

Description: Graphotism and sleeping giants jam - 250 worldwide writers including the Montana Team: Can2, Smash, Atom, Kent, Blade NYC, Sever, Revok, Rime, Askew, Insa, Astek, Inkie, NT, Snug, Chu, Brave, Casrock and 100's more. Write for gold UK / Aerosolics event: Seak, Smash, Maclaim, Xenz, Wow123, Wordplay, Icons, Wany1, DDS, Bleach, Klit, Inkie, Tizer, Love Pusher.

Price: GBP £12.00

NOTE: Running time- 2 hours

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Dvd vol 4

Volume Four

Description: Now avaliable to buy. In vol 4 we cover some of the events such as, Meeting of styles 2008(MOS) and the Mutate Britain show. Also covering graffiti jams from all over London and it's surrounding areas. Featuring writers such as: The Usual Suspects, Heavy Artillary, Mode 2, Dep, Bonzai, Astek, Keen, Vibes, Revok. Plus street art from Banksy, Space Invader plus more...

Price:GBP £14.00

NOTE: Running time- 1 hour 30 mins

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