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Tizer ID, Shorditch street art tours

Great work from Tizer in Shorditch London I love this piece.

Tizer ID

Mobstr. London street art graffiti tours

Always good to see work from Mobstr


Ronnie Biggs tribute by Paul Don Smith

Great tribute stencil to Ronnie Biggs the great train robber By Paul Don Smith. 


Mobstr , Sex Drugs & painting canvases

This should be a real cool show to go check out so do not miss it, I am a huge fan of Mobstr his work always brings a smile to my face.

17th April Dray Walk , Old Truman Brewery London

Flyer no border.indd

Borondo , Street art London

Seems like Spanish street artist Borondo has been making quite a good Impression on the streets of East London, Check out this amazing wall by him.