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Roa Street art London tour Shorditch

Roa street art tour London

If you have ever wondered around the Shoreditch region of London you may have stumbled upon a giant rodent or two – no this is not a commentary on the health and safety of London’s East End but Shoreditch’s Brick Lane has been visited by many an urban street artist including the Belgian artist who goes by the pseudonym Roa and he has left his very distinctive mark on the semi-derelict buildings and shop shutters of the area.  London Graffiti tours offer you the opportunity to visit each of his mostly black and white, massive and highly intricate animal street art pieces, standing tall and proud throughout the more industrial areas of Shoreditch so that you can have a closer look.

Roa Street art Animals London photo Steam156

Each of Roa’s pieces is done on such a huge scale it takes him between 4 to 8 hours to complete them and consequently that means that most of his street art is done with permission of the building owners.   This means that they usually stay on display for quite some time – much to the dismay of the local London Councils – some of the oldest of his London monochrome masterpieces have been around since 2010 which is when Hackney council threatened to paint over a 3.5m high rabbit which had been legally painted on the wall of a recording studio.  Fortunately the building owners and local residents put up such a fight to keep it that the council had to back down.

Roa Street art Animals London photo Steam156 (84)

He has also displayed his work in major cities across Europe, the United States, Australia and New Zealand and he likes his art to have a backdrop of desolation or industry which is why London’s Brick Lane holds such an appeal for him.  Roa’s work is not inconspicuous or hidden away, he has produced some of the largest and most recognizable paintings in the history of street art and his creations often require him to use a cherry picker to reach their finely drawn lofty heights. Generally he creates animals and birds both wild and urban, that are native to the area being painted and while he normally uses the very minimal color pallet of black, white and red, he has also created some works using more vibrant colors to depict flesh and/or internal systems within the animals and birds. His medium is spray paint and because of the scale of many of his pieces he much first draw a sketch of the final figure which he holds in front of him with one hand as he sprays with the other.

Roa Street art Animals London photo Steam156 (73)

But Roa’s work doesn’t just stand out because of the scale of his pieces.  Each animal is done to such fine anatomical detail and given such life with his artistic skills that they are simply mesmerizing. Their eyes holding yours and their expressions tell you a story all of their own.  Let www.londongraffititours.com show you around and introduce you to some of them.

Space Invader London Street art tour

Space Invader London street art tour

Shorditch in London seems to be a mecca for street artists and it is one of over 60 cities in 30 different countries around the world that has been ‘invaded’ by the prolific urban artist Space Invader.  By far one of the best ways to make sure you don’t miss any of Space Invaders 20 to 30 unique and distinctive mosaic art pieces scattered inconspicuously around the streets of Shorditch is to take a London street art tour with londongraffititours.com. He calls his pieces invasions and his Invaders come in all different sizes, some are huge and easy to spot but the majority are very small and often found lurking low down in corners or high up above a street signs, hiding in plain sight and London Graffiti Tours knows where in Shorditch they all are.

Space Invader London Streetart Invasion photos Steam156 (37)

Space Invader is the very apt pseudonym taken by a French street artist whose work is inspired by the arcade game graphics of the same name.  His art is created using square ceramic tiles to produce mosaic designs that mimic the style of the 8-bit video games of the late 70’s and early 80’s.  Every Invader is completely unique and while most are infused with a cultural message, such as a dig at today’s Big Brother CCTV society, some are purely for fun using iconic images like Super Mario or Star Wars.

A self-professed hacker of public spaces, Invader uses the streets as his canvas as he believes that art galleries and museums are not easily accessible to everybody.  This way he is deliberately making his work as public as possible for ordinary people to enjoy on a daily basis and although it may seem like it to the casual observer, the sites for his Invaders are not random.  Each site is actually carefully researched (very often with local support) and is chosen for its aesthetic and conceptual positioning.  Space Invader does not always go for the highest visibility options either, many of his Invaders are on less prominent sites which makes the ‘hunt’ for them even more challenging.  He believes that “A spot is like a revelation… it jumps out at you”

Space Invader London Streetart Invasion photos Steam156 (34)

For the past 10 years or so Space Invader has also been working on another project that he calls “Rubikcubism” which exclusively uses Rubik’s Cubes to create portraits and other images from popular culture.  Invader first does a sketch, then manipulates each individual Rubik’s Cube to display the coloured squares that he needs before gluing them all together on to a backing board.   His method has since been profusely copied but he was the first and arguably the best.

Space Invader London street art tour

Space Invader has certainly invaded the world with his ideas, originality and talent.  His Invaders sometimes fun, sometimes tongue in cheek, sometimes blatant commentary on the world we live in, but always a pleasure to find. Why not take a London Graffiti Tour and see some of his amazing Invaders for yourself? www.londongraffititours.com

Shorditch walking street art tours

We take you on a tour around the streets of the East end of London to see the very best in street art and graffiti art including work by Eine, Banksy, C215, Christian Nagel, Roa, space invader, Stik, Jimmy C and many more, we also stop of at The super cool Pure Evil gallery to check out some of the latest graffiti and street art shows if they are on. We also stop of at one of Londons best graffiti stores Chrome and Black so if you fancy creating your own street art after the tour please feel free