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Street art London tour with Steam156

The only Street art tour with someone who has been there since day one roughly 1984. I have documented graffiti and street art for over 30 years around the world. I am the author of Street art London, 100 UK graffiti artists, 100 European graffiti artists and I was a major promoter for this art in the early beginnings. If you want a street art Graffiti tour with a expert then you are in good hands.

Steam 156  Street Art Tour 2014.


London street art tour vouchers

What better gift to give someone than a London graffiti tours gift voucher and give a friend or someone close to you a street art education. All you have to do is book a tour and we will send you a printable gift voucher that you can fill out and send straight to the person in mind. You do not have to worry about choosing a exact date just contact London graffiti tours when you want to do the tour and we will take it from there.


Shorditch street art walking tours

Join the legendary Steam156, one of the world’s leading authorities on graffiti and street art on a 3 hour London Street Art tour. Author of the amazing books ‘Street Art London’ and ‘100 UK Graffiti Artists,’ Steam156 is one of the UKs foremost experts on graffiti and street art with 30 years of avid documentation to his name. With the help of his knowledge you will visit the very best locations to see street art and graffiti in London. Steam156 started as a graffiti writer himself way back in 1984, since then he has become an expert in writing culture, appearing on television shows, in various magazines and newspapers globally.

On the tour you are guaranteed to see the very best street art and graffiti around the colourful streets of Shoreditch and gain insights and information on many of the artist’s work. You will see street work from the likes of; Ben Eine, C215, Citizen Kane, Roa, Martin Ron, Cranio, Stik, Pure Evil, Space Invader, Ronzo, Paul Don Smith, Obey, the world famous Banksy and many more. The tour will also stop at a street art gallery so you can check out the very latest street art shows and at the world famous ‘Chrome and Black’ graffiti store.



Stockwell graffiti tour London

Want to check out one of London’s best graffiti spots one not book on the All city tour with

We take you on a adventure to three of the best spots in London to see some of the best graffiti and street art in London. Are first stop is the famous Stockwell outdoor art gallery where you will see work from artists like, Solo One, Love Pusher, Twesh, Relay, Wisher and many other top graffiti artists. Are next stop is the famous Leake street tunnel located by Waterloo station the tunnel was made famous by Banksy and his famous cans festival.

The tunnel is now a huge place to try your hand at graffiti so if you want bring a can of paint and give it a go please feel free. The last section of the tour we travel around the east end of London to see some of the best street art around from artists like Obey, C215, Banksy, and many others. You will need a travel card to get to and from the various locations.




COST: £30 per person minimum two people.

Stockwell hall of fame

Stockwell hall of fame

Stockwell hall of fame







Shorditch street art and graffiti tours London, Otto Schade

Otto Schade is a Chilean street artist who is currently based in London.  His street art is abstract and multi layered with incredible detail and depth. I love seeing this guys work when i am showing tourists around the east end of London.

Otto Schade