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Ronnie Biggs tribute by Paul Don Smith

Great tribute stencil to Ronnie Biggs the great train robber By Paul Don Smith.


Jeff Aerosol show. French art studios London

Last week I checked out the amazing gallery show by French stencil artist Jeff Aerosol at the French art studios in London.

Jeff Aerosol

Eiffel Revolution. Paul Don Smith

No one produces more stencils in London than the amazing Paul Don Smith so it’s always great to find new work by him on the streets of London. This Particular work is titled Eiffel Revolution and I managed to find it on Blackall street.

Eiffel Revolution, Paul Don Smith

C215 new work in London

Following his recent visit to London last week and the opening of his new show called Back to black at Stolen space gallery , C215 produced two new works  of art on the  east end streets of London.


C215 London

New work by Paul Don Smith. London

  • Nice new piece by Paul Don Smith on Whitecross street London. 
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