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Justkids Its Summer time group show

Next week in the UK, JUSTKIDS will be opening a fresh new group exhibition entitled “It’s Summer Time!” in the trendy streets of East London.
Curated by Charlotte Dutoit and Rom Levy, the show will be showcasing brand new and never seen works from The Date Farmers, Ruben Sanchez, Ben Eine, Ana Maria, Farid Rueda, Fintan Magee, Lakwena, Ella & Pitr, El Decertor and Deih. Another interesting note is that it will also be the first time most of these artists will be showing their artworks in London.
The preview list can be requested at and if you are in the area, the show will be opening next Thursday, May 28th starting 6PM at 16-18 Heneage Street, London E1 5LJ

London Battle of Waterloo Graffiti Competition

The Battle Of Waterloo 2015

Saturday, August 22, 2015 from 10:00 AM6:00 PM

The battle is back! This year, up to 40 artists will compete in the Leake Street tunnel for the biggest graffiti art event to win a cash prize and this years event will be even bigger and better than years gone by! Expect paint, food, music and drinks for what is set to be the biggest and best paint jam in the UK!

To enter to compete in the battle, all you need to do is email us a picture of your best piece to Artists will be selected nearer the time of the event.

Stay tuned for more information regarding this event!

The Tunnel

Leake St

London, Gt Lon SE1


Todd James Reas / Fantasy Island

Todd James Reas Fantasy Island

Lazarides Rathbone is pleased to present Fantasy Island a hyper-coloured new solo exhibition by New York-based artist Todd James / Reas.

The provocative showcase features a striking cast of modern-day Somali pirates, UN soldiers and scantily clad females that have become synonymous with James’ work. The seamless mix of luminous compositions and graffiti-infused erotica extends the artist’s exploration into current socio-political affairs, continuing to stretch the boundary between the obscene and the humorous.

Alongside the gallery exhibition James is set to install a Chevrolet van on Rathbone Place, developing ideas first initiated in the artist’s Vandals Bedroom, featured at LA MOCA and Lazarides’ World Domination. The van will draw on fantasy art influences from the analogue age of his youth alongside a customised cluster of all-American 1970’s ephemera. The Fantasy Island Chevy will play host to the exclusive release of Beyond The Gates, James’ most recent 32-page full colour book available to purchase on the opening night.




People,Places,Walls,Trains,Faces Steam156 198 Gallery

Some recent photos from my show at 198 gallery in Herne Hill London, People,Places.Walls,Trains,Faces Steam156

30 Year Exhibition. 2015. (2)



Photography Show.


South London 2015.

Ben Eine. London street art tour

Ben Eine is one of the most prolific producers of London street art today. His distinctive work is a highlight of many London graffiti tours and can mostly be found around Shoreditch, Broadway Market and Brick Lane.

He is now best-known for a range of commercial projects, most famously shop shutters. His work centres heavily around bold, colourful letters in a range of styles such as circus and neon-style writing. His distinctive styles of lettering are often used for advertisements and magazines.

One thing that makes Ben Eine unique is his use of colour. He has a natural instinct for choosing colours that will precisely complement each other. He often favours bold, bright colours which really make the most of this talent and give added impact to his art.

Ben Eine was a prominent figure in the underground London street art scene before breaking into commercial graffiti. His rise from obscurity came about in part through his cooperation with Banksy, perhaps the single best-known producer of London street art in history. While working as a screen printer, Eine produced many prints for Banksy and his natural eye for colour enabled him to suggest subtle improvements to the pseudonymous artist’s work, leading the two to form a firm partnership.

Perhaps the most impressive incarnation of Eine’s bold, colourful lettering came about in May 2010. He adorned Middlesex Street with an entire alphabet of his distinctive London street art. Residents embraced his work, christening the road “alphabet street.” This achievement was also praised by The Times and became an instant highlight of many London graffiti tours.

Eine has been responsible for some of the most famous and distinctive pieces of London street art, and his work on East End shop shutters is an essential component of many London Graffiti tours. His unique style and formidable talent have earned him no shortage of recognition and praise. In 2008, he was named as one of the six best new street artists in London by Time Out magazine, and in 2010 a Ben Eine painting was given as an official gift from the Prime Minister to US President Barack Obama.

Most of Ben Eine’s work has been produced in London, but he has also brightened up a number of other towns and cities. These include Hastings (where he has a studio), Newcastle, Paris and Stockholme. His work has also appeared in galleries and exhibitions around the world, including France, the USA and Norway. One of his pieces, “Circus Love,” was also displayed on the wall of Oxford Circus’ Central Line as part of Art Below. By being featured in Art Below, he followed in the footsteps of many of the most prestigious names in London street art, including Banksy and Goldie.

Altogether, Eine’s work has become a distinctive and unmissable feature of London’s graffiti scene, and an integral part of the Capital’s urban landscape. A range of London graffiti tours are dedicated to helping people discover this must-see artist’s work.


Ben Eine Street art London tour.

Ben Eine London Street art tours

Ben Eine London street art tours...