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Vibes East London

If there is one artists work who I love seeing on the streets it has to be this guys work. Vibes


London street art book

Well if you have not picked up a copy of my London street art book you should do so the booked is packed with the very best in London street art and some great quotes from the artists.

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London street art tour

Looking for something cool and fun to do then one not book a London street art tour with London graffiti tours and get to see the best street art London has to offer. Your expert guide Steam156 author of the amazing street art London book will guide you thru the colorful streets of East London


Tennis anyone. OttoSchade , Wimbledon

Lovely work by Ottoschade found in Wimbledon of all places.


Wisher hits Stockwell

Good to see a nice new wall by Wisher  down at Stockwell caught this at the weekend.