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Bates Style in Progress

Bates Style in Progress – Partisan creative corner

Markt 6, 59494 Soe st

Opening 22nd May

Bates Style in Progress

Bates Style in Progress

People,Places,Walls,Trains,Faces Steam156 198 Gallery

Some recent photos from my show at 198 gallery in Herne Hill London, People,Places.Walls,Trains,Faces Steam156

30 Year Exhibition. 2015. (2)



Photography Show.


South London 2015.

Bates, Le Fix Gallery, Copenhagen

Make sure you go check out the amazing work by Bates a true graffiti king that has been around since day one.

bateslefix (2)

Steam156, 100 European graffiti artists book.

Get ready it’s finally coming the follow up to 100 UK graffiti artists book this May. 100 European graffiti artists featuring some of the most amazing graffiti from Europe with work from people like Shoe,Bates,Drax,Zeus,Brus, Reso, and so much more. Be ready !!