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Nasty Gallery Brugier Rigail Paris


After 3 years of absence, Nasty returns for a solo show at the gallery Brugier-Rigail from 4 to 23 June 2015.

40, rue Volta 75003 Paris
Métro : Arts et Métiers, Temple



Faust Upstairs gallery Stoke on Trent


June 05, 2015 at Entrepreneurs in Stoke-on-Trent.

We are incredibly happy to announce our next show at the Upstairs Gallery — from Friday the 5th of June, the colossal Faust comes to town.

Faust is a New York based graffiti artist, recognised for incorporating classical calligraphic sensibilities with contemporary graffiti writing. Martha Cooper, co-author of the seminal book Subway Art, described him as ‘a prolific practitioner of elegantly executed hand-styles.’

Faust was featured throughout two of Cooper’s most recent books, Going Postal and Name Tagging. Faust was also published in Graffiti New York by Luke Felisbret, Definition: The Art and Design of Hip Hop by Cey Adams and Graffiti 365 by Jay Edlin, which features the following excerpt: ‘Among all the amateur scribbling and indecipherable hieroglyphics that make up the average tagger’s landscape, a skilled hand at penmanship is a rarity.’

Faust grounds his ethos in the idea that ‘A graffiti writer needn’t change his style of artwork to be a legitimate fine artist — the letters are enough.’

51-53 Piccadilly, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1

Banksy Modus art gallery Paris group show

Gallery Modus

Modus Gallery Paris group show

Banksy Shepard Fairey Vhils c215 Futura2000

Opening : 10.30am – 20.00pm
Modus Art Gallery
23 Place des Vosges
75003 Paris , France
Tel: +33 142781010
Fax: +33 142781400

David Walker Alchema Spectra Gallery Mathgoth Paris

Galerie Mathgoth Presents: David Walker – Alchema/Spectra

 David Walker is a newly emerged street artist based in London. In the last few years since he started exhibiting his art career has been on a steady rise. What is so special about David Walker is that he creates both large scale works and smaller ones, using only spray cans. He has perfected his skill to such extent that he uses no stencils or brushes for his elaborate portraits. Two years since his first show in Paris, Walker is back for his second exhibition at Galerie Mathgoth. This time he will be exhibiting portraits on canvas titled Alchema/Spectra.
34, rue Hélène Brion
75013 Paris
05/06/2015 – 04/07/2015

“Rime Danger zone”



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Galerie Wallworks
4 rue Martel – 75010 Paris / Show in map
(+33)9 54 30 29 51

For additional information please visit www.wallworks.fr | jerseyjoeart.com