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Indie 184 Pure Magic , New York show

Natural Instinct Cope2 Azart Gallery New York

COPE2 – Solo show “Natural Instinct”

May 28th until June 6th 2015



Bates Style in Progress

Bates Style in Progress – Partisan creative corner

Markt 6, 59494 Soe st

Opening 22nd May

Bates Style in Progress

Bates Style in Progress

Louis Massai – Batteries not included

Louis Massai- Batteries not included

Louis Masai presents a powerful solo exhibition, showcasing paintings, sculpture, furniture, ceramics, film and sound installations – all through which he aims to draw attention to the plight of endangered species around the world.

Lollipop Gallery, 58 Commercial Street, London E1 6LT.



Todd James Reas / Fantasy Island

Todd James Reas Fantasy Island

Lazarides Rathbone is pleased to present Fantasy Island a hyper-coloured new solo exhibition by New York-based artist Todd James / Reas.

The provocative showcase features a striking cast of modern-day Somali pirates, UN soldiers and scantily clad females that have become synonymous with James’ work. The seamless mix of luminous compositions and graffiti-infused erotica extends the artist’s exploration into current socio-political affairs, continuing to stretch the boundary between the obscene and the humorous.

Alongside the gallery exhibition James is set to install a Chevrolet van on Rathbone Place, developing ideas first initiated in the artist’s Vandals Bedroom, featured at LA MOCA and Lazarides’ World Domination. The van will draw on fantasy art influences from the analogue age of his youth alongside a customised cluster of all-American 1970’s ephemera. The Fantasy Island Chevy will play host to the exclusive release of Beyond The Gates, James’ most recent 32-page full colour book available to purchase on the opening night.